Pyth Makes a Joke



On the first day, God created light.

(And Pyth maintained the ancient night.)

On the second day He drew the Heavens.

(Pyth yawned.)

Day three, He parted land from sea, and planted shrub, and planted tree.

(And Pyth exclaimed, ‘What use to me is planting shrub and planting tree?

Whilst lounging on the beach.)

The fourth, God gave to Helios his chariot.

(And Pyth made eyes at his firm, golden buttocks.)

Day five, the fish in the sea, the birds in the air.

(But the Sun did not rise, Pyth was plaiting his hair.)

On the sixth day, beasts which walked on land,

Some with four legs, some with two.

(Pyth gave to man an extra leg –

A driving force with which to screw.)

The final day of the busiest week,

The culmination of His labour:

God to His chair, about to faint,

He asked from Pyth another favour,

‘See that what I’ve made is good,

‘Make David king and Jesus saviour.’


(Pyth watched the Father drift and doze,

Ant thought that what He’d made was bad,

But worry not, deceitful Pyth,

There’s fun and mischief to be had.)


Published in the 2014 University of Reading Creative Arts Anthology – ‘Origami Warriors’