Milady’s First Hours What on earth have I gotten myself into? I’ve been a luxury cruise liner for this little devil For a full nine months – Why is this the hardest part? I thought we were just returning to port.   “Push,” they say, “push!” Yes, no, I’m well aware, thank you, Of my … Continue reading Milady

Gift Poems

For Laura, Dec 2014 Gift: A letter writing set with bright red envelopes On a night like any other, though perhaps a little colder, The Boy felt an idea arrive, it tapped him on the shoulder. Its shape was fairly plain, Almost square to the beholder, Its colour was champagne, Almost white, but something older. … Continue reading Gift Poems

Miscellaneous Poetry

Contents Pier The Edge of an Abyss Kevin McCloud is Outside my House A Poem about Pearls There is an Ulcer Chestnuts Ancient Losers Catiline Crassus Pier I It all came to a close on the pier, Just where it had started Under an over-the-top archway To an outdated display of gaudiness, Top to bottom. … Continue reading Miscellaneous Poetry


The End of Pyth At the close sits Pyth the Suggester, erect. A seat on the bridge which Begins at a fixed point And ends at nowhere in particular. By any other name he is La Petite Voix, And hissing, whispered soft certainties On the benefits of fruit to one who welcomed Persuasion. It was … Continue reading Pyth