There’s Magic in the End of Things

  That final word is a godsend. A note of relief or release, Of grief, a new lease, Or different, of life, The will to survive Beyond and behind Something solid, A word so squalid, Meteoric and metaphoric. A moment of liquid magic From that final shot glass For a taste of metaphoria, And as … Continue reading There’s Magic in the End of Things

Asparagus Wee

Did you know there are some people on this fine earth who don't get asparagus wee? I don't mean they claim not to or they don't understand it, they actually don't get it at all. According to (yes, it is real) about half the population of Britain just don't experience the highs and lows … Continue reading Asparagus Wee

Reflections on a Pub Quiz

The first one is without doubt the most difficult, correct? I should point out that I mean the first blog post, not the first pub quiz, although that too is a daunting test. With a blank page and an empty mind, what do you talk about? I finished that particular sentence a full 10 minutes … Continue reading Reflections on a Pub Quiz