Hello Wembley

What better way to re-introduce myself than after a month-and-a-half-long unannounced Christmas hiatus? Well, I'm back to blogging. Did anyone notice I'd gone? Don't answer that. We move forward. This is a new start for me (yes, another one). I want to make a commitment to you and to myself, I'm just struggling to come up with … Continue reading Hello Wembley

Mountains of Macaroni Cheese

I wonder whether my sardonic way of writing is well-suited to a blog. Then again, I have loads of work to do so I'd rather do this instead. I've always loved the idea of writing an advice column. Not least due to the fact that I, of anyone, have so little life experience and absolutely … Continue reading Mountains of Macaroni Cheese

Reflections on a Pub Quiz

The first one is without doubt the most difficult, correct? I should point out that I mean the first blog post, not the first pub quiz, although that too is a daunting test. With a blank page and an empty mind, what do you talk about? I finished that particular sentence a full 10 minutes … Continue reading Reflections on a Pub Quiz