Llandeilo to Cheapside

Where can you find an intersection between rural Wales and Central London? Through a ruined castle, a busy street in the City and a disgraced king, of course. Where else? Llandeilo sits on a hill to the west of the Black Mountain. She takes the form of one main street and is bounded at one … Continue reading Llandeilo to Cheapside

The East End: One Pair of Eyes and a Hundred Names

A psychogeographic wander through the history of Shoreditch and the East End, drawing on Victorian maps and sixties singers. As with most other London transport hubs or Underground stations, it is remarkably easy to take the wrong exit from Liverpool Street. It’s curious that a mood to be meaningfully observant often leads to a lack … Continue reading The East End: One Pair of Eyes and a Hundred Names

Isherwood’s Berlin

So just to recap, I'm in Berlin. We awoke to a beautifully crisp Saturday morning with more plans than you could shake a stick at, and within two shakes of a lamb's tail we were waltzing back to the U-Bahn station like Jeremy Hunt running from a crowd of angry doctors. Our first port of call … Continue reading Isherwood’s Berlin

Hello to Berlin

Last Sunday I spent the entire day writing an epic and monumentally boring essay. The Sunday before I was out on research for this post. Well, I say research, what I mean is I was on holiday in Berlin. Berlin was always on my list - not right at the top, but she was there … Continue reading Hello to Berlin

I Want to Live in a Big House

I've been guiding my students through the postmodern maze that is Atonement for a solid six weeks now. It's great watching their reactions to the complicated narrative and the little tricks, which tend to fall on either extreme of the spectrum: faces fall, groans erupt and books slam shut as disheartened students realise they'll have to … Continue reading I Want to Live in a Big House

Lucy Rose

Is it sad to say that of all the gigs you've been to, you've seen one artist more times than any others put together? Probably - but I'd disagree, not simply because I am one such person, but because the artist in question is truly worth seeing again and again. Over the last 4-5 years, I've … Continue reading Lucy Rose

Hello Wembley

What better way to re-introduce myself than after a month-and-a-half-long unannounced Christmas hiatus? Well, I'm back to blogging. Did anyone notice I'd gone? Don't answer that. We move forward. This is a new start for me (yes, another one). I want to make a commitment to you and to myself, I'm just struggling to come up with … Continue reading Hello Wembley

There’s Magic in the End of Things

  That final word is a godsend. A note of relief or release, Of grief, a new lease, Or different, of life, The will to survive Beyond and behind Something solid, A word so squalid, Meteoric and metaphoric. A moment of liquid magic From that final shot glass For a taste of metaphoria, And as … Continue reading There’s Magic in the End of Things