Dale is a writer from the rural depths of the Jurassic Coast with an overactive imagination and a narcissistic need to force it on everyone. He works mostly with prose fiction and poetry to explore themes related to queerness, art and England. That said, he’s also written poems about the menopause and a novel about pirates.

Having spent a few years teaching literature in colleges, Dale completed an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Westminster. While there, he led the design team for the Wells Street Journal, a creative writing anthology published biannually.

Dale is currently an Inclusion Project Manager with INvolve, a diversity and inclusion consultancy.

Alongside fellow writers Nels Challinor and Marta Kepite, Dale runs Great Ape, a literary journal for absurdist humour. Great Ape is currently accepting submissions for their first issue.

Dale has been published in the Wells Street Journal, the Virginia Woolf Miscellany and the University of Reading’s creative arts anthology, Origami Warriors.

Email: dale1hall@gmail.com

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  1. stevolom says:

    Good Afternoon, Just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for making me a strong contender. I am now, thanks to you, demonstrably better than Terry Malloy, he only could have been what you have made me, and for that I am grateful. Thank you. Love, Stevo

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