Hello Wembley

What better way to re-introduce myself than after a month-and-a-half-long unannounced Christmas hiatus? Well, I’m back to blogging. Did anyone notice I’d gone? Don’t answer that. We move forward.

This is a new start for me (yes, another one). I want to make a commitment to you and to myself, I’m just struggling to come up with anything manageable. I do realise, of course, that I am one of the world’s most prolific procrastinators, and it hit me just now while I was listening to a Kate Bush record and playing The Sims (how very homosexual retro), that I do indeed have time for writing – both blog and book – I’m just not using it wisely. Granted I understand the need for down-time, but three hours of living vicariously through a virtual being who can’t seem to use the toilet without clogging it, comes home from work everyday to a rearranged kitchen and is at constant risk of being on fire is probably a bit much. No?*


(please excuse the half naked guy in the kitchen, he invited himself)

I suppose what I really need is structure – I should pick a ‘type’ of blog and stick with it, rather than spewing words recklessly in to the ether, but I’m really struggling to decide what. For now, then, this will remain as is: a space for my thoughts and a home for my words, although I will try to make my posts about ‘something’.

Whilst the Tuesday Advice Column was fun, it’s lost some of it’s magic for me, and really doesn’t seem to be very blog-friendly, so I’m temporarily scrapping that feature until I can work out how to revive it. This is a bit like ruthlessly clearing your old toys from the loft. I’m not sure I like it.

So what will I be posting then? Well, my talented blogging pal/cretinous gif-sharing rival Laura reappeared on the blogging scene recently with a post about how blogging is tricky in which she challenged herself to post something on her blog once a week. Even if it’s tiny. Even if it’s just a gif. Well, my miasmic friend, I’d like to join you.

This is my promise to you, dear, sweet reader, to post something here at least once every week. Even if it’s tiny. Even if it’s just a gif. Even if you don’t want it. You’re going to get it anyway.

Luckily for you, however, this week I have something to talk about! If you manage to find your way back here this weekend, you might just spot a brand new post about a gig I went to on Sunday. “Ooh,” I hear you all say, “a gig review, that’s very bloggerlike of you King Putney. Will it be harsh and critical or flowers and rainbows?”

And to that I say, “It was Lucy Rose, of course it’s flowers and rainbows.”

It’s good to be back, see you this weekend friends.

Peace out,

King Putney


* I actually wrote this before I got home today because I thought it’d be funny. Is it any surprise that when I loaded up The Sims to take this screenshot I proceeded to spend three full hours gently encouraging a thinly veiled version of myself to buck his ideas up and get on with his various writing projects? Sigmund Freud, eat your heart out.

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